At the onset, we would like to extend gratitude wholeheartedly to every single person who has appreciated and supported the very genuine and authentic concept of ‘Hathai’.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us witness the ripping first hand socio-economic effects of the measures imposed by the administration which has in turn led to the collapse of various rural economies/ local businesses by wiping away the only source of income of the vulnerable communities, also shattering the dreams of budding young entrepreneurs whose enterprises didn’t see the light of the day. We happened to be engaged in being a part of the covid-19 rescue team to bring back the migrant workers home and catching sight of their hardships left us weak at heart.

We channelled a prospect by contemporary analyses on what could be done to moderate the complication of the hardships of the general public on a much larger scale, and vouched out the idea of (E-commerce) site and established REGA.

Linked at the intersection of arts and advocacy, REGA is a trust formed to promote, preserve and support the indigeneity of the Bodo community together with other indigenous communities of North East India. We look forward to promote women empowerment and help neccesitous people. REGA is within easy reach for rural artisans, craftsmen and small-time rural sellers by providing them a unique and healthy environment to sell and promote their creations on a larger scale with the support of our E-commerce site in the globally growing market.

What does Hathai imply to? It is a Boro word for market or bazaar as we commonly refer to the flee markets in India. The site has been developed to avail all Boro traditional items ranging from attires, jewellery, musical instruments and much more to top it off. You can have your products delivered to your doorstep in the nick of time as we continue to be of service from our operational base, here in Guwahati.

Doing our part to devise the plethora of oppurtunities for skill enhancement, we reach out to everyone at large to share this message to help us by sharing this message to keep this undisputed idea of ‘Hathai’ alive and kicking šŸ™‚


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